Thursday, December 2, 2010

November Wrap Up

ok since I was an awful blogger in November, I’m gonna put all these pictures together on one post.

junior museum

one day, just me and the boys headed to the junior museum. they boys loved it because they knew where all the animals were and what was coming up next. and they are big enough to walk most of the way too! conner loved the wolf and called all of the animals after it a wolf. tanner like the bob cat. this was the first time we really have gotten to see it up close.  what an awesome day

 soccer 2010

we finished up soccer and we only won one game, but the kids had fun! hopefully next year tanner will actually kick the ball instead of just running around wherever the crowd is. conner even got to get out there a few times.

thanksgiving lunch   

We got to have Thanksgiving lunch with Tanner at school. Tanner took pictures with 2 of his “girlfriends” Gabrie and Kallan.


Fair time!!! We finally made it to the fair. Tanner got to ride lots of rides and Conner was getting very upset because he couldn’t ride, so we rode the fairest (Ferris) wheel (derek was scared to death) and then we found some rides for conner! we had a blast!

5 fat turkeys

Preschool had their first performance as “5 fat turkeys” at the heritage day program. They were precious! (i’ll try to upload the video)

heritage day

After the program we went out for the booths. The boys had fun painting t-pees, shooting the bow, milking cows, making headbands, making butter, and eating lots of good stuff.

What a busy month, and that was just part of November. I’m scared at how busy December is going to be.