Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Jeff’s Birthday!

Ok, so it was June 4th, but at least we are getting to it. We celebrated first at the Mexican restaurant, the for breakfast with big fat cinnamon rolls, and then at “cooky in the face”!

Conner was scared of the fire and kept his eyes covered for most of the time that they were cooking. We had a great time celebrating!

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Swimming Lessons 2

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Swimming Lessons with Ms. Janet

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Having difficulties getting my pictures to upload from my phone so, doing 2 different swimming lesson posts (which i just realized i hadn’t done) Conner cried for the first 3 days. During free time on the 3rd day, he had light bulb moment and started swimming like a fish. For the next 7 days he said “I ain’t gone cry” to Ms. Janet every time it was his turn. He did GREAT! We have definitely enjoyed swimming this summer.