Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Conner 7 months

Conner was 7 months old last Friday.

He is doing so much. He can crawl, well, a few real crawls with his hands and legs moving, but mostly just pulling himself around on his belly. He crawls around in his room and plays with all of his toys. We have found him in the closet, under his bed, and behind the rocking chair (trust me his is not in there long without supervision, he just moves fast.) He really loves to eat. He can even pick up the little puffs all by himself. He loves being outside in the sunshine. He can sit in a high chair at a restaurant, I really enjoy this too, because I can eat something that requires 2 hands. One of he new favorite things is to ride on the Gator with Tanner.

Don't Panic, I hold on to him while he is riding and I don't let Tanner go SUPER FAST!

He Remebers

How to SWIM of course.

We tried it about a month ago when we were in Destin and he definitely didn't remember, but just like that, he started swimming last week and is swimming like a fish.

He just wanted to swim on the steps, at first, but Jeff got him to go down the slide and now he is swimming all over the place.

Yes, it is cold but Tanner says, "I luv cold!"

Thursday, April 16, 2009

More Fun in the Sun

After lunch today we went to the park. Conner slept for a while when we got there, but woke up in time to enjoy a little swinging. Tanner loves the park. Today he climbed on the spider-man ropes all by himself, he pretended to be a fireman and mostly just ran around like a wild child.

Now if the weather would just stay like this, not too hot, not to cold, and very little rain, we would be "cooking with grease"!

Fun in the Sun

The weather has been beautiful for the past 2 days, so we have been outside.
Conner got in his Hippo pool he got from Mamoo and he loved it.

We got Tanner a slip and slide. He really just like playing in the water that shoots out the side, but he did try to slid a few times.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Weather Scare

Sarah called me just as I was getting home from dropping her off and says,"Are you watching the news. There is a tornado in Clarksville and it will be in Bristol in 12 minutes." I immediately started freaking out. I got the kids out of the car and put Hop Hop (asleep in his car seat) in the hallway and turned on the news. There was a bad storm coming and some tornadic-like (is that a word) activity coming down Hwy 20. I got Tanner some color crayons and a book and called Jeff. I kept watching the news as the tornadic-like activity moved toward us. The storm hit us but thank God there were no tornados, only hail. I kept the kids in the hallway for a little while and Jeff got in there with them. (he didn't know the worst had past) Tanner learned that when there is bad weather you get your chocolate bunny and go to the "safe place".

Lots of Easter Fun

We had such a nice Easter! We had revival all week for Holy week, so we were busy! Wednesday Night the Youth Service was at our church and there were about 175 people there and around 120 youth in the alter. GOD IS GOOD!!!!!

Saturday Night we had fun dying Easter eggs. Conner wanted to grab the cups.

Tanner dropped all the eggs in the cups. I don't know how we didn't have all cracked eggs.

Easter morning we had to wake Tanner up and Jeff told him that he heard something in the living room last night. Tanner said, "Maybe it was a big fish." ???? Jeff said "no, I think it had big long ears." Tanner jumped up and said, "the Easter Bunny lets go see!!!!" This is the first time he has really understood that there was a prize left for him. He was excited about his "rizbee"

Hop Hop liked his teething toys too! I love this picture, I think the excitement on Jeff's face is priceless.

Tanner got a shark towel and you better watch out he will bite you!

Hop Hop wanted to eat all of his toys.

That evening we hunted eggs at YaYa's with Nate. They are scoping out the eggs before it was time to find them.

Tanner was a great egg hunter.

Hop Hop found some too!

I don't think there are any in the trees.

Hop Hop just enjoying life as always.
Hope everyone had a Happy Easter!

Get Your Tissues!

Really there was no singing, but this was truly a blessing. Tanner is growing up so fast and seeing him grow up in church is awesome. I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for him! What a great Easter to know that even the children know that God is Alive!

There are some more videos of other songs on Youtube with keyword tanner d
Nate was only up there for 2 songs and the cute little girl in "God's not Dead" is Kallan Mercer, Alex and Candace's little girl.

Always Happy

One night last week we had the kids in bed and were straightening up the house when we heard laughing on the monitor. I looking in Hop Hop's room and this is what we found...
This kid is ALWAYS Happy!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Pillow Walk

This weekend Tanner was the ring bearer, or the pillow walker, in a wedding. We weren't real sure how he would do, but he did great. He walked down the isle, with the pillow upside down, and went to the front and stayed there the whole wedding. Katelyn Doughty was the flower girl and she was beautiful. Everything was beautiful, the bride and groom, the weather, the reception, but the most Beautiful thing was definitely the pillow walker, Tanner D.

Walking down the isle with the pillow upside down.
Standing just like we practiced, but with the pillow upside down.
He was trying to hold her arm, but she was having none of that.

He was getting bored by the end and played in the grass a little.
Wes and Amanda were the most beautiful couple, I swear they could have been in a magazine.

The reception was really fun. Tanner had all the girls trying to dance with him. Thank goodness they are cousins.
I have to say, the ring bearer's baby brother was beautiful too!