Wednesday, May 26, 2010

more pool time.

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1 195

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Tanner D’s dive

  1 194 1 188 1 1961 198

Brock’s big jump

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hop-hop on daddy’s back         tanner and his buddy brock

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I know it looks like Conner is swimming, but he’s not. He just likes to go under water and glide to the side of the pool. He doesn’t cry and doesn’t get choked and wants to do it over and over again.

swimming lessons here we come.

Brock is our neighbor and I'm so glad that he and tanner are friends and he will come over and swim so I don’t have to.

bread of life

wed nite Bread of life is a ministry at our church where we cook dinner on Wednesdays before church. My mom has been very instrumental in how awesome this is.  We usually feed about 70 people a family style meal at the church and deliver about 20 meals to people who can’t get out. Last week we had an out of school bash. We ate party foods and played games. The kids really enjoyed it. I love seeing how these kids are growing and learning about God’s love,

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

this boy…

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is already begging for the beaters when I make a cake.

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swings on stuff, like a monkey.

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but, looks so sweet, for the one second that he is still. (can’t you just see the mischief on his face.)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

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community outreach

turkey creek

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some kids playing ball                                      blowing bubbles

1 072 1 073

roger blowing bubbles                                 antwone and cameron

1 074 1 076

jeff talking before we eat.                                    boys ready to eat

1 0771 086

christopher                                                                      danielle

1 079 1 080

cameron and roger                       some of the adults that came

1 083 1 084

kids blowing bubbles                              hop hop                                                                

1 089 1 091

seirra                                                                           girls hanging out

1 090 1 087

lets eat                                                     fixin’ plates

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everyone wants to take cameron home. you’ll have to fight me off, but first i’m gonna have to fight roger off.

1 093 1 099

beautiful danielle                                             hannah talking with the girls

1 115

jeff praying with some of the adults.

friday night a group of us went out to turkey creek, to cook-out and just tell the community that we love them., but most importantly God loves them.

we pick up these kids on wednesday nights for church and we have really fallen in love with them. how could we not, aren’t they precious? and we really want to meet their parents and tell them about God’s Good news for their lives.

it went great! we cooked hamburgers and hot dogs, played games, blew bubbles, sang songs and prayed with some of the people.

God is so awesome!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Our New Yard

april 090april 093      april 091

we finally got our yard landscaped, thanks to ms. teri smith. these are pictures before we really got started, but she had trimmed the bushes back so you could see what was in there. There was a beautiful tea olive plant behind that Japanese maple tree.april 115 april 116

doesn’t it already look a hundred times better?!

1 1091 112

1 110

it looks absolutely beautiful!  the boys and i worked really hard planting all the plants and flowers with guidance from ms. teri. i also took that rotting box off the front porch and made a sign out of the lid.

i love to just ride by and look at my front yard now.

1 114

we planted some flowers by the pool too. i love looking at them while they boys are swimming.

Saturday, May 15, 2010



 It has finally gotten hot enough for the kids to swim. Tanner can swim like a fish and even dive down to the bottom of the deep end to get the dive sticks. Conner likes to swim with daddy. He doesn’t really like the swim ring, but likes for Jeff to dunk his head under water. It’s still not hot enough for mommy.