Monday, April 26, 2010

veggies, veggies, veggies

april 113a april 110 april 111

In honor of Earth Day last Thursday, I was going to post pictures of our garden, but didn’t. So I’m doing it now! I really love the raised planting bed Jeff built me for mother’s day last year. It has a sprinkler built in so all I have to do to water it is flip the switch. NICE WORK JEFF! We loved getting veggies from our garden last year and can’t wait to start collecting them this year.


april 095A april 100a

Papa came for a short visit last Sunday night. The boys loved his motorcycle.  Tanner cried when he left, I think it broke papa’s heart. Conner has called “papa” all week. Papa come back soon, and bring Mimi!

mexico beach

mb pool

We have had a busy few weeks. Last weekend we went to Mexico Beach for he annual CW Roberts Golf Tourney. We stayed in a really nice house across from the beach and it had a pool. The boys had fun in the pool and Caydan came down to play with them too. Tanner swam great. Conner wasn’t scared to go out in the swim ring. We went down to the beach too, but those pictures are on Sarah’s camera. I’m so excited about how much fun we are going to have with these boys this summer.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

wordless wednesday


 jr museum jr museum 2jr museum 1

Last Monday we went to the Jr. Museum in Tallahassee. Mamoo went with us because Sarah wasn’t feeling well. We had a picnic and played on the playground (which I think was the boys favorite part). Then we walked around and looked at all the animals. The boys really liked the snakes and the bear. The bear was up on its dock and it looked huge, but it was no match for our ferocious boys. Conner called everything with 4 legs a '”puppy'”. Our attempt at a group shot turned into a wrestling match between Conner & Nate. The weather was perfect and we had a great time. We just have to go back before it gets too hot!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wordless Speechless Wednesday

march 024a

This is an email I got from Ms. Freida, Tanner’s Kids Church Teacher.

Tanner's Prayer Request‏

 Freida Ritter

Cari McSpaddin

For the past few times we've had Kids Church, Tanner has requested prayer for you because you were still doing it.  Sunday we finally found out what you were doing..... He asked us to pray for you because you were still spanking him.    We suggested that we pray for him so that you wouldn't have to spank him.  He said yes.

It's just too precious & cute.  We had no idea what you were doing.  I hope he doesn't get too discouraged because his prayer isn't being answered.

Love ya!


Oh, my, I’m speechless!

Monday, April 12, 2010

I love my…


Conner loves Cookies. He says, “coo-coo-kie”. The other morning he got a bag of cookies and sat down beside the fridge to eat them. He is funny about things that he loves. He really loves shoes too! As you can tell, he has on his pj shirt and his shoes, which he goes into his closet and picks out, then brings them to me to put them on. I love this Kid, and his cookies and shoes!



Saturday morning was our 1st tee-ball game. Jeff said, “ I’ve been waiting for this day since Oct. 21, 2005.” We were so excited. I thought the boys did a great job. We actually played 2 games. (note to self, 4 year olds can’t play double headers.) Tanner & Nate both hit the ball good and stopped the ball sometimes. They did have to stop for a mid-game snack while waiting to bat. Tanner threw dirt on his head more than once, while in the outfield. Nate & Caydan held hands for a while. Only a few of them ran to third base after hitting the ball. Conner got a little field time between games.  Matt and Jeff did great as Coaches.  I think we won, because we got 1 out each game. We ended the game with a team, “ARG!”  This is so much fun!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

boys easter

Egg Hunts at YaYa & Earl’s

cnm egg hunt tdm egg hunt

After we had the Easter Cantata at church (which was AWESOME) we went to YaYa and Earl’s for lunch and Egg hunting. After hunting the eggs just 2 times we had to go home for naps. All in all we really had a great Easter. If it wasn’t for our Awesome Savior, Jesus Christ, being ALIVE, we would have nothing to celebrate, on Easter or any other day.

Friday, April 9, 2010

He came, He came!

easter morn

This was the first holiday that Tanner has gotten up and went in the living room alone because he knew there was going to be presents in there for him.

But the funny thing was the night before, we told him to clean up the play room because the Easter Bunny wouldn’t come if the house was a mess. He said, “that’s ok, I don’t need anymore toys because my room is full. I don’t want the Easter Bunny to bring me nothin’.” So off to bed he went.

So on Easter morning he came into our room and said, “He DID come in our messy house. He did, he liked it. But he didn’t bring me any candy.” We all got up and got Conner and went in the living room to see what was left for the boys. Tanner got a surf/kick board and some beach toys. Conner got a boat and some beach toys. The Easter Bunny of course brought candy. Which was Conner’s favorite. There were crabby patties in the Easter eggs and he kept bringing them to us to open.

We really had a Happy Easter morning.

Making Easter Eggs

easter eggs

We always have fun making Easter Eggs. YaYa found these cool egg holder things this year. So we only broke 4 out of 18 eggs and I broke 1 of those. Conner was wild, as always and almost spilled the cups of dye, more than once. We had a great time and our eggs were beautiful, but I forgot to take a picture of them. These boys are beautiful enough!

Fun in the Sun

hop hop sprinkler tanner sprinkler

Thursday, April 8, 2010

5 little ducks

Nate’s Papa got all the kids ducks this year. They live at Nate’s house and we go by and look at them. These pictures were taken a few weeks ago, when they were really small. They have grown to three times this size now. We took Easter pictures with these cute ducks, not once but twice. Hopefully I can post them soon!

IMG_4400IMG_4404   IMG_4401  IMG_4403

p.s can’t find my camera cord, but i finally got jeff to upload my pictures from his computer.