Sunday, February 28, 2010

Disney Round 2

12-30-09951230 disney collage disney2 disneya

Last week we went back to Disney for round 2. Jeff had a conference and we had one more day left on our Florida Resident Dream Pass, so we headed out again. Sunday we went to Epcot and then back to the hotel for a nap and to the Magic Kingdom in the evening. We met up with Riley Read (tanner likes her but doesn’t want to kiss her, long story) and her parents. We stayed out until 11:30 riding all the rides, with no lines! The hotel was great, because they had activities for the kids and a cool interactive water playground. After playing in the play ground on Monday the kids were purple all over they were so cold, but they still pitched a fit when I made them leave. Tuesday was a beautiful day! We stayed out by the pool most of the afternoon. Tanner could swim pretty good and went down the huge slide all by himself. It really made me ready for the HOT weather! We had fun but I can do with out Disney World for a while.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Mardi Gras 2010

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On Fat Tuesday we had the traditional McSpaddin Family Parade. We danced around the living room to New Orleans music, and throw out beads. What a great time we had for Mardi Gras!

Valentine’s Day

val collage

The boys went on a treasure hunt for their valentine’s day gifts. They followed the clues and around the house and then outside and ended up “where we eat breakfast every morning”. I had found some toys on clearance at Wal-Mart, so it looks like they got alot of stuff. I think they like the hunt better than the gifts.

I Love these Boys!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Love Ya!

jan-disney 006

  snow collagesnow collage1

So, yesterday it snowed in Florida!

We knew for a few days that it might snow, so we (Sarah and I) were really excited about the kids seeing snow. We heard on the news yesterday morning that it was really gonna snow and stick on the ground in Dothan. I called Sarah and said “were going to see snow”. Nate wanted to make a snowball and that just wouldn’t be possible at our house. So we loaded everyone up, with the biggest jackets we had, our pj’s on under our clothes (we don’t have long-johns), our rain boots, hats and gloves and headed north. Around Marianna the rained turned into snow, but that wasn’t good enough for us, we kept going. When we got to Cambelton the snow was starting to stick on the ground, but it still wasn’t enough for snow balls. At the FL/AL line there was the perfect amount for a few snow balls. We stopped at the Alabama welcome center and had some fun in the snow. The boys (Matt and Jeff) built a snowman. All we had for eyes was mini snickers (thanks Mimi) and of course a Spiderman hat. We made a sled out of our Mardi Gras float that was still in the car (imagine that). There was a snow ball fight, as promised. It was really fun, but the boys started crying because their hands were cold. So we went and got some hot chocolate and headed back home. But we made one more stop so we could play with Austin and Caydan too! 

We are definitely not moving to the snow anytime soon. Florida Sunshine, I Love You!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snack Time

jan-disney 260a

Monday, February 8, 2010

Rockin’ to the Half Time Show

The boys loved the half time show so much they got their guitar and did some rockin’ with The Who!

(sorry the video is bad)

My New Favorite Thing

blog 001 

My Small Lunch Tote from 31! Last month’s Special. This one is packed up with snacks and ready to head to church!


Check out Sarah’s Website. 31 has the cutest totes, purses, bags, blankets, beach totes, stationary….    & it’s a Christian Based Company (Proverbs 31).


Almost everything is able to be personalized. And the best part, it’s only $1 this month!

 untitled 1

These are just some of the cute patterns and styles in the new spring catalog.

If you want to make an order, let me know (leave a comment, call me, or e-mail me) or you can let Sarah know.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Geaux Saints


Friday, February 5, 2010

tanner rock starrocin w daddy

Mardi Gras Parade

feb 014 feb 006 feb 007  feb 009  feb 011feb 012  feb 013

Sarah had the “kidz club” kids on Wednesday night make floats and have a Mardi Gras Parade. They absolutely loved it and the floats were so cute. She got banana boxes from the piggly wiggly and they decorated them with stuff she got from the dollar tree and they all wore hats and crowns. They walked around throwing out beads and moon pies. It was so much fun.

Thanks Sarah!


gymnastics collage

The boys are now doing big boy gymnastics at Trousdale. They get to go out on the floor and are doing real stuff with Coach Ashley. They are really pretty good and I am impressed with how well they behave. Soon they will be doing flips!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What a mess! 

jan-disney 041

Beautiful Mess!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

the Greatest Show on Earth

After the birthday party on Saturday we went to the Circus with Hannah & Derek (and Haley and her 2 friends, sorry don't remember their names.) There were clowns and magic and cotton candy. Tanner's favorite part was when the trapeze man was hanging by his feet and walking across the monkey bars. I thought the man who jumped through the ring of fire, with swords sticking out, blindfolded was pretty awesome. I think it was PXY Awesome! Conner liked the elephants, but not necessarily the elephant poop! It was a really good circus. (not that i have been to alot of circuses.)
The boys were tired, but they loved the circus.

These girls were hanging by their hair. OUCH!

This lion was beautiful!

This is what the circus is all about.

We had a great night at the circus!

Nate's Par-tay!

Conner & Tanner looking at the ducks. When Conner saw
them he started quacking. It was so funny!

The WHOLE bunch!
LaLa on the train!
the opossum
Tanner tried to convince the lady that opossums DO hang by their tails.
Nate and his Daddy
Tanner and LaLa
My favorite animal, the Panther.
Best buddies looking at a coyote.
Conner STOMPING the spiders.
Chaff throwing his spider, but he's a little over the line. :)
We had such a great time at the Jr. Museum in Tallahassee. What a great place to have a party! They set up the room, played games with the kids, took us on a trip around to see the animals and and then showed us a opossum, up close and personal! The kids seemed to have a great time and there was nothing to do afterward, but go home and play with all the presents Nate got!