Tuesday, July 20, 2010


vacaybeach   bubblesstorm

I think we only went to the beach once while we were in Destin and the day we went was a perfect beach day. There were lots of clouds and it wasn’t hot at all. And there wasn’t hardly anyone else at the beach either. We played in the sand and swam of course, but blowing bubbles was the most fun! The wind was blowing perfect and the bubbles were going all the way to the bridge!

We left just before it started storming and all took a long nap!


While we were in Destin the big boys went out fishing. They caught some big fish, but it was HOT!

This is what Earl loves!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


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the night of the 4th we got to watch the fireworks out by the pool. it was raining off and on so we stayed under the towel most of the time. but the boys got out in the rain and watched them finally. we did get our annual awful family portrait. and we got a picture of all the boys at least looking at the camera.

we had a great night!


13 01813 02313 024we had a great week in destin! we did all kinds of great stuff. one thing we did was let the kids hold birds. conner was going to do it too, but he got scared when the bird actually touched him. tanner and nate looked so cute, what big boys!

Friday, July 2, 2010



i have been so crafty lately and i don’t know why.

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 i cut vinyl for my canasters and made this cute '”bribes'’ candy jar.

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i made these colored mason jars.

 13 004 13 003

i cut our letters for this hokey pokey sign i saw on a blog. i added the boys” silhouettes. and this wreath is hanging on my door for the summer.

 1 043  1 045

i made turned these tin cans into a herb garden in my kitchen window.

1 046    1 050

 i got these square mirrors at ikea a few months ago. i finally put some pictures on some of them and had jeff put them on the wall in our bedroom. i absolutely love the way it turned out. i looks like art, but functions as a mirror.

well we are headed to the beach for a week. hopefully i will be able to post some pictures from there.

have a happy 4th!!!!!