Friday, July 2, 2010



i have been so crafty lately and i don’t know why.

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 i cut vinyl for my canasters and made this cute '”bribes'’ candy jar.

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i made these colored mason jars.

 13 004 13 003

i cut our letters for this hokey pokey sign i saw on a blog. i added the boys” silhouettes. and this wreath is hanging on my door for the summer.

 1 043  1 045

i made turned these tin cans into a herb garden in my kitchen window.

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 i got these square mirrors at ikea a few months ago. i finally put some pictures on some of them and had jeff put them on the wall in our bedroom. i absolutely love the way it turned out. i looks like art, but functions as a mirror.

well we are headed to the beach for a week. hopefully i will be able to post some pictures from there.

have a happy 4th!!!!!



Katheryn said...

All the crafts are so cute! I love love love the mirrors. That is so adorable!

KYLIA said...

You are very crafty indeed! You are your mother's child! I found a blog that you might like...although you've probably found all of the craft blogs already!