Saturday, February 13, 2010

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So, yesterday it snowed in Florida!

We knew for a few days that it might snow, so we (Sarah and I) were really excited about the kids seeing snow. We heard on the news yesterday morning that it was really gonna snow and stick on the ground in Dothan. I called Sarah and said “were going to see snow”. Nate wanted to make a snowball and that just wouldn’t be possible at our house. So we loaded everyone up, with the biggest jackets we had, our pj’s on under our clothes (we don’t have long-johns), our rain boots, hats and gloves and headed north. Around Marianna the rained turned into snow, but that wasn’t good enough for us, we kept going. When we got to Cambelton the snow was starting to stick on the ground, but it still wasn’t enough for snow balls. At the FL/AL line there was the perfect amount for a few snow balls. We stopped at the Alabama welcome center and had some fun in the snow. The boys (Matt and Jeff) built a snowman. All we had for eyes was mini snickers (thanks Mimi) and of course a Spiderman hat. We made a sled out of our Mardi Gras float that was still in the car (imagine that). There was a snow ball fight, as promised. It was really fun, but the boys started crying because their hands were cold. So we went and got some hot chocolate and headed back home. But we made one more stop so we could play with Austin and Caydan too! 

We are definitely not moving to the snow anytime soon. Florida Sunshine, I Love You!

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Lea Whittaker said...

They do not make gloves very good for little ones hands....they get wet and their hands get SOOO cold! That is the problem we have had with our boys too. So glad they were able to play in it though!