Tuesday, February 2, 2010

the Greatest Show on Earth

After the birthday party on Saturday we went to the Circus with Hannah & Derek (and Haley and her 2 friends, sorry don't remember their names.) There were clowns and magic and cotton candy. Tanner's favorite part was when the trapeze man was hanging by his feet and walking across the monkey bars. I thought the man who jumped through the ring of fire, with swords sticking out, blindfolded was pretty awesome. I think it was PXY Awesome! Conner liked the elephants, but not necessarily the elephant poop! It was a really good circus. (not that i have been to alot of circuses.)
The boys were tired, but they loved the circus.

These girls were hanging by their hair. OUCH!

This lion was beautiful!

This is what the circus is all about.

We had a great night at the circus!

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