Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wordless Speechless Wednesday

march 024a

This is an email I got from Ms. Freida, Tanner’s Kids Church Teacher.

Tanner's Prayer Request‏

 Freida Ritter

Cari McSpaddin

For the past few times we've had Kids Church, Tanner has requested prayer for you because you were still doing it.  Sunday we finally found out what you were doing..... He asked us to pray for you because you were still spanking him.    We suggested that we pray for him so that you wouldn't have to spank him.  He said yes.

It's just too precious & cute.  We had no idea what you were doing.  I hope he doesn't get too discouraged because his prayer isn't being answered.

Love ya!


Oh, my, I’m speechless!

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Katheryn said...

I would be speechless too! That is so cute!