Monday, April 12, 2010



Saturday morning was our 1st tee-ball game. Jeff said, “ I’ve been waiting for this day since Oct. 21, 2005.” We were so excited. I thought the boys did a great job. We actually played 2 games. (note to self, 4 year olds can’t play double headers.) Tanner & Nate both hit the ball good and stopped the ball sometimes. They did have to stop for a mid-game snack while waiting to bat. Tanner threw dirt on his head more than once, while in the outfield. Nate & Caydan held hands for a while. Only a few of them ran to third base after hitting the ball. Conner got a little field time between games.  Matt and Jeff did great as Coaches.  I think we won, because we got 1 out each game. We ended the game with a team, “ARG!”  This is so much fun!

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