Tuesday, May 18, 2010

community outreach

turkey creek

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some kids playing ball                                      blowing bubbles

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roger blowing bubbles                                 antwone and cameron

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jeff talking before we eat.                                    boys ready to eat

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christopher                                                                      danielle

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cameron and roger                       some of the adults that came

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kids blowing bubbles                              hop hop                                                                

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seirra                                                                           girls hanging out

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lets eat                                                     fixin’ plates

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everyone wants to take cameron home. you’ll have to fight me off, but first i’m gonna have to fight roger off.

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beautiful danielle                                             hannah talking with the girls

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jeff praying with some of the adults.

friday night a group of us went out to turkey creek, to cook-out and just tell the community that we love them., but most importantly God loves them.

we pick up these kids on wednesday nights for church and we have really fallen in love with them. how could we not, aren’t they precious? and we really want to meet their parents and tell them about God’s Good news for their lives.

it went great! we cooked hamburgers and hot dogs, played games, blew bubbles, sang songs and prayed with some of the people.

God is so awesome!

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