Monday, May 17, 2010

Our New Yard

april 090april 093      april 091

we finally got our yard landscaped, thanks to ms. teri smith. these are pictures before we really got started, but she had trimmed the bushes back so you could see what was in there. There was a beautiful tea olive plant behind that Japanese maple tree.april 115 april 116

doesn’t it already look a hundred times better?!

1 1091 112

1 110

it looks absolutely beautiful!  the boys and i worked really hard planting all the plants and flowers with guidance from ms. teri. i also took that rotting box off the front porch and made a sign out of the lid.

i love to just ride by and look at my front yard now.

1 114

we planted some flowers by the pool too. i love looking at them while they boys are swimming.

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