Monday, April 13, 2009

Lots of Easter Fun

We had such a nice Easter! We had revival all week for Holy week, so we were busy! Wednesday Night the Youth Service was at our church and there were about 175 people there and around 120 youth in the alter. GOD IS GOOD!!!!!

Saturday Night we had fun dying Easter eggs. Conner wanted to grab the cups.

Tanner dropped all the eggs in the cups. I don't know how we didn't have all cracked eggs.

Easter morning we had to wake Tanner up and Jeff told him that he heard something in the living room last night. Tanner said, "Maybe it was a big fish." ???? Jeff said "no, I think it had big long ears." Tanner jumped up and said, "the Easter Bunny lets go see!!!!" This is the first time he has really understood that there was a prize left for him. He was excited about his "rizbee"

Hop Hop liked his teething toys too! I love this picture, I think the excitement on Jeff's face is priceless.

Tanner got a shark towel and you better watch out he will bite you!

Hop Hop wanted to eat all of his toys.

That evening we hunted eggs at YaYa's with Nate. They are scoping out the eggs before it was time to find them.

Tanner was a great egg hunter.

Hop Hop found some too!

I don't think there are any in the trees.

Hop Hop just enjoying life as always.
Hope everyone had a Happy Easter!

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