Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Conner 7 months

Conner was 7 months old last Friday.

He is doing so much. He can crawl, well, a few real crawls with his hands and legs moving, but mostly just pulling himself around on his belly. He crawls around in his room and plays with all of his toys. We have found him in the closet, under his bed, and behind the rocking chair (trust me his is not in there long without supervision, he just moves fast.) He really loves to eat. He can even pick up the little puffs all by himself. He loves being outside in the sunshine. He can sit in a high chair at a restaurant, I really enjoy this too, because I can eat something that requires 2 hands. One of he new favorite things is to ride on the Gator with Tanner.

Don't Panic, I hold on to him while he is riding and I don't let Tanner go SUPER FAST!

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