Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Stand-Off

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Tanner is Hard Headed and so am I. Wow, that is not a good combination.

A few nights ago, I told him to get out of the bath tub and dry off while I was putting Conner’s pj’s on. He stood in the bathroom and screamed, “I can’t. I’m cold.” for 5 minutes. While I’m yelling back “if you’re cold, wrap up in the towel". Still screaming and crying, it turned into a Stand-off. I just wasn’t going to wrap him up in the towel that he was perfectly capable of doing himself. (trying to teach him some independence.lol.) And he just wasn’t going to dry off himself. So he finally stopped screaming, I guess when he had air dried, and ran around the house with no clothes on. Then I told him to go put on some pj’s. He went in and got them out and I helped him put them on. Maybe we learned to pick our battles, or We Both WON!

(these are just some silly pictures, not faces he made at me during the stand-off.)

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KYLIA said...

Way to go little mama!
Way to be firm!!!