Thursday, June 17, 2010

swimming lessons 2010

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This is Conner’s first year of swimming lessons with Ms. Janet. He started on monday. Jeff had to take him, cause I had to work. He cried! Jeff said he cried the most on the “get away ms. janet’s”. Yesterday was “no more crying day” if you cried you got 2 turns. It was much quieter and Conner didn’t cry (much). Today he cried when it wasn’t his turn. He kept calling “janet” between his turns, so he got a few extra turns. After swimming lessons he is exhausted. Today we ate lunch in b-town and he fell asleep on the bridge. I really think he wouldn’t drown if he fell in the pool.Thanks Ms. Janet!

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Lea Whittaker said...

Love it Cari! I was wishing I could see him and how he did with the deep today and so glad you posted it. I put mine on FB but will try and get them on the blog soon. He is toooo cute!!