Monday, August 30, 2010

Random August Pictures

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This month has seemed to fly by. We were very busy. this is just some random pictures from this month.

Jeff and the boys just chillin” on the couch!

We went to Big Kahunas one last time. Tanner really loves all the slides, and Conner would just swim all day long.

Conner is learning to put on a show, but he doesn’t have his own stage so he makes one on the fire place!

It was my last birthday, 29, and we went to eat at Captain Anderson’s. Yummy!

The boys love to paint and to art projects. I have to remind Tanner to not mix up all the colors to make brown. Conner has a hard time keeping his paint on the paper, but practice makes perfect!

Well September should be just as exciting with a wedding, vacation, baby being born, and Conner’s 2nd birthday!

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