Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Do you know your colors?

color day

The kids in pre-k do.  They had color day about 2 weeks ago to help them learn them. The kids from Hosford came over on the bus to Bristol pre-k, so we met them there. They made fruit loop necklaces, had snow cones, blew bubbles, played in colored foam,  and played games with colored balls and blocks.

But for some reason Tanner, Nate, & Conner didn’t hardly do anything but ride tricycles. I think they liked it because it was on a “race car track”.

We saw a few of our friends from church there too. Chelsea is in the middle on the bottom row. Ashton is in the top right corner. And i really don’t know who the little girl on the right is, she just kept asking me to take her picture and posing for me, ain’t she cute!

They all seemed to have a good time and they know all the colors of the rainbow!

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