Saturday, January 15, 2011

here we go again…

dump 459

ok, so, this is what my life has been like….a rollercoaster of laundry, and school parties, and church programs, and shopping trips, and house cleaning, and putting up christmas decorations, and present wrapping, and potty training, and present opening, and more cleaning, and road trips, and fireworks, and work, and taking down christmas decorations, and …so needless to say blogging hasn’t happened for a while, but i’m back! I don’t know how often i will post because life must go on.

We had a wonderful Christmas. We did a ton of stuff this December. I will try to show some highlights!

dump 551 ok, this was in Nov, but GO NOLES!

dump 495 dump 498 dump 497

Picking out our Christmas tree and decorating it.

dump 454 dump 455 dump 456   dump 459      dump 465  dump 467   

Blountstown Christmas Parade

   dump 475  dump 478    dump 482 dump 491dump 472dump 483   dump 486 dump 487   dump 490  BCOG Kids Christmas Program. Tanner as Joseph, Conner as a sheep, who wouldn’t go on stage in his costume!

 dump 499 dump 500 dump 501dump 502 

Gingerbread Houses

dump 503 dump 504  dump 506 dump 507 dump 508dump 514 dump 509 dump 510  dump 512 dump 513

Bristol Christmas Parade

  dump 281 dump 282dump 286 dump 283 

Letters to Santa. I told Tanner how to spell each word and he wrote his a by himself!  They got everything on their lists and more!

 dump 516   

Conner watched patiently out the window while his playground was built.

 dump 521 dump 522 dump 523 dump 524  dump 526   dump 529 dump 530       dump 548        dump 545 dump 546 

Tanner’s school party! Santa even made a visit to make sure everyone was being good!

  dump 295 dump 296 dump 297  dump 299  dump 301          dump 311dump 318 dump 317dump 312     

We went ice skating at Bay Towne.

 dump 319  dump 321   dump 324   dump 327   dump 330 dump 331 dump 332 dump 333 dump 334  dump 336      dump 342 

The boys got an awesome playground! thanks yaya and earl!

dump 382  dump 363  dump 365  dump 367     dump 372  dump 374     dump 380 

We opened presents on Christmas Eve, Eve! Malec’s first Christmas.

ok i’m gonna stop here and i will post the rest of Christmas in a bit!

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