Wednesday, May 25, 2011

who could have done that?

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I was in the kitchen, playing on the internet at around 11:00 at night. I thought the kids were surely asleep, but I hadn’t check on them in a while. So I walk through the living room and look down the hall and see this huge white mess. My mouth just fell open. I walked closer and started to scream, but saw little white foot prints leaving the bathroom, so I followed them. I was sure that they would lead me to Conner’s little powder covered smiling face, but no, Conner was sound asleep with no traces of baby powder anywhere. I thought surely it wasn’t Tanner. He is 5 years old, he wouldn’t do that. (It did cross my mind that Jeff could have done it, but he had been with me in the kitchen, and he wasn’t smelling baby powder fresh) I found Tanner in bed, white from head to toe. There was no denying that he had done it. His response, “It was an accident!” Really, an accident?! How does a whole container of baby powder accidently spill? So Jeff had to try it. Nope it takes a little effort to get the powder to come out. (but it did seem like fun when the powder poofed up into little white clouds.) I couldn’t even get on to him, because I was laughing so hard. We just sent him to bed and cleaned up the mess and will use this as blackmail one day!

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Lea Whittaker said...

Caden did this once in his bedroom...all over his bed and carpet.... I wasn't as forgiving as you:) Funny that Jeff had to test it:)

Mimi said...

OMG....this is sooo hilarious. Mimi is so glad you didn't get on to him. This is right up there with Jeff running into the house when he was 5 yrs old telling us our car was in the middle of the street in front of the house & he had "no idea" how it got there. Ask him if he remembers?