Monday, August 22, 2011


Jeff and conner's tent.

Tanner had a tent to himself.

The boys on Sunday morning.

The camp site. All play tents but one.

On the boat, ready to head out.

Jeff and Matt took the boys camping Saturday night on the river. When I got home from work they were all packed up and ready to go. They had their sleeping bags, tents and swimsuits. I was panicking a little about Conner being out there, but I didn't really think they would stay all night. But when I woke up at 3 am and they weren't home, i went into full panic mode. I was texting and calling jeff and he finally responded that all was well and everyone was sleeping.
Jeff said the kids had a great time, but he didn't enjoy sleeping with his legs half way out of the tent on a beach towel. I'm sure he will do it all over again, all the boys have to do is ask.

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