Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Break 2012

It started off a little shaky. Nate had a ride in the ambulance and an over night stay at the hospital. After a few doses of steroids and breathing treatments, and lots of prayers, he was good as new!

The boys went with yaya and earl to the waterfall on the river. Papoo used to always take us there. For some reason we would stand under it and say we were taking a shower like the Indians.

We went fishing on the Cari Lynd and caught...

This huge cobia. It was bigger than Tanner!

Spent lots of time in the pool.

Tried fishing again, but it started storming.

Played on the beautiful beach and watched Papa Earl try to find another big one.

I really hate that we have to go back to reality but it will be summer soon, right?!

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