Sunday, December 7, 2008

Busy Christmas Weekend

Wow, the Christmas season seems to get busier and busier every year. This weekend was just the beginning. We got up on Saturday morning and went to see Santa in Blountstown. Tanner sat on his lap and studied Santa's face, like he knew something wasn't just right. Conner let Santa hold him too. Tanner told Santa that he wanted a rocket ship (the one thing Santa wasn't prepared for because up until that moment all he wanted was candy). So Santa is now off looking for Tanner a rocket ship. They took some cute pictures and off we went to pick out a tree.

We got a tree at the fruit stand and went home to put it up. Jeff had to get all of the tree work done quick because the Gators were coming on soon. He got it up and Tanner helped me decorate it and it really is a beautiful tree.

After we got the tree up we went to the Christmas Parade in Blountstown. Tanner loved the Marching Band and the Christmas bus. Thank goodness there wasn't a fire in Calhoun County because every Fire truck they have was in the parade with the sirens blaring. It was LOUD!!! Conner slept through the whole thing. Then we went to the Christmas train. Tanner had fun on that too and wanted to do it again. Conner slept through that too. Tonight we have the Christmas program at Church. Tanner will probably stand there with his shirt in his mouth because that is what he has done every practice, but he will be cute. So I hope that we can slow down a little but it doesn't look like it is going to happen.
We will just have fun and remember why we celebrate
Christmas in the first place.
Merry Christmas!

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