Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hop Hop as Baby Jesus

Last week Riley Read (3 years old) called Jeff and asked if Conner could be baby Jesus in their Christmas program. Jeff said yes, but didn't get any details. He didn't even talk to Joni about it. On Friday Mom saw Joni at the Beauty Shop and said "Are you coming to watch Conner in the Christmas program?" We (mom & I) knew nothing about it. So I called Jeff after mom called me and he said "Oh, I forgot to tell you." Anyway Conner was the most beautiful Baby Jesus ever in the Lake Mystic Christmas Program. He didn't cry at all (until it was over and the preacher was talking too long).

I hope that Joseph was really more excited and involved than this Joseph was.

Riley was an angel and I thought at one point she was going to take Baby Jesus away from Mary.

Riley also sang very
well, into the microphone.

It was a very cute program and really helped me remember the reason we celebrate Christmas! I can't imagine how Mary must have felt knowing that her son was going to save the world. I definitely would have been very scared. Don't forget the true meaning of Christmas this year!
Merry Christmas to Everyone!

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