Wednesday, December 31, 2008


We had a great Christmas this year!
On Christmas Eve Tanner got a trampoline from Mommy & Daddy. Even YaYa came over and jumped on it.

Later we celebrated at YaYa and Papa Earl's House. The boys got more stuff than they can ever play with and that was just the beginning.
(and Jeff's favorit present, a whole bov of boxers)
When we got home we made cookies for Santa and put out carrots for the reindeer.

On Christmas morning, we woke Tanner up and asked him, "Do you know who came last night?" He said, "Yeah, Santa" and just laid there. Jeff said, "Lets go see if he ate your cookies." Tanner walked in the living room, right past the huge pile of toys and said "YEAH, He ate them, He ate them!" It was so funny. Then he went back and looked at his toys and saw Hungry Hungry Hippos first, not the Big Big Rocket ship. Finally he saw it and played and played with all of his toys. Conner like all of his toys too, I think.

Then for lunch we went back to YaYa and Earl's for the Carpenter's Christmas.
More fun stuff for the boys.
We had a great time and this was just my family we still had to travel to
Kentucky for Jeff's family.

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