Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Once Upon a Time.....

Sometimes when I don't feel like getting up to get a book, I pretend to read a book to Tanner. I open my hands like a book and say "Once upon a time, there was a...." and I let him help me finish the story. Yesterday while we were eating lunch Tanner read Jeff a pretend story. It went something like this.

"Once upon a time there was a whittle boy named, Me. And once upon a time there was a Daddy. Mommy called me and I said,"Jusa minute" and Mommy said,"tum eat "and I tame and I tried, wha, wha, wha. Be end"

I think it is so funny how their little minds work. Oh, Please, Lord don't let him grow up too fast!

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Lea Whittaker said...

That is very cute! These are the moments that I do love....it's all the times they don't listen that are so hard!