Monday, February 23, 2009

Please Feed the Birds

Every time we go on the boat we have to feed the birds. I don't know why, but YaYa brings out a loaf of bread or chips, or whatever she thinks the birds might eat and she and Tanner throw it up for the birds to eat. Tanner Loves IT!
Jeff, LaLa and Casey joined in.

Jeff held the chips up for the birds to eat out of his hand, but he was scared and pulled away every time.

Tanner wasn't scared at all. He wanted someone to hold in up so the birds could eat his chips.

I couldn't get the bird taking the chip out of his hand, but you can see the chip in the birds mouth, just after getting it.

If you have never done this at the beach you should. It is amazing how many sea gulls will show up. I don't know how it happens, there are none one minute, you throw out some bread and after a few minutes there are hundreds of them.

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