Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Treasure Hunt

This Valentine's Day we started a new tradtion. I got the idea from John and Kate + 8, who doesn't love that show, to do a treasure hunt for the boys Valentine's present. We started off in the kitchen after Tanner ate breakfast and went around the house to find clues.
Tanner absolutely loved it. I made the clues easy enough that he could guess them without our help. He knew where everything was right away. I think at the end it could have been a box of his own toys and he would have been excited. This was a great way to not spend too much money, but still make their present very fun and special. Conner didn't really know what we were doing but he loved running from place to place and reading the clues.


Lea Whittaker said...

Very cute idea. Even if you borrowed this idea you are so creative....I need some of your mommy energy!!

Katheryn said...

What a great idea! It looks like so much fun. I think I might borrow it and make up a treasure hunt for Dallin and Mandy's Easter baskets.