Wednesday, September 16, 2009

How HE Loves Us

Sunday night we sang a new song at church. Oh, How He Loves Us. That was basically all that it said. It really got me thinking about a deep love. I can only compare the love that the Lord has for me with the deepest love that I know. The love that I have for my kids. I love Jeff and I love my mama, but there is just something about the love that a mother has for her children. Love that endures no matter what. No matter how many times Conner pulls all the plastic bowls and cups out of the cabinet or how many times I have to put Tanner in time out for not listening, I still love them, with all of my heart. (I'm sure there will be worse things as they get older.) I loved them even before they were born and even more once they were born, instantly. I am so proud of every new thing they do. When Conner blows kisses and Tanner sounds out words, it makes me proud to say that they are my kids.

Just imagine someone loves you more than that. My God loves me no matter how many times I mess up or how many times I ask him to answer my needs. He loved me before I was born and before I knew him. He is always waiting for me with his arms and his heart wide open. HE LOVES ME! Unconditionally, no questions asked, no obligations to be met. It amazes me more and more every day what he will do for me, if I just love him back, with the little bit of love that I know how to give.

I added the song to my playlist, so scroll down and hit play on, How He Loves Us.

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Katheryn said...

That was such a beautiful thought. He definitely does love us!