Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Is There a Doctor in the House?

Tanner wants to be a doctor for Halloween. I have tried to change his mind to a superhero, or an animal, or anything else, but he has stuck with "I want to be a Doctor".
So his costume came in and he has worn it every day and doctored everyone in the house.
Today Mamoo and Papoo came over with a tummy ache and an ear ache.

Tanner found a "red spot" on Mamoo and she needed a band aid. Fixed her good as new!

Papoo had a earache. So Tanner cleaned his ears out. Gave him some medicine and of course listened to his heart.
All of this only cost $1 and they were both instructed to return in 5 days.
To top it all off the Dish man was here doing a repair and watched all of this. I know he was thinking, "these people are crazy!"

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