Wednesday, January 14, 2009

2 little boys & 1 big BOY!

Saturday we went down to the creek because the weather was beautiful and we just needed to get out of the house. Tanner drove his Gator down there and Jeff rode in the back. Tanner thought it was hilarious. If anyone would have seen it they would have thought Jeff was crazy. When we got down to the creek Tanner threw rocks like he always does and Conner even got to throw in his first rocks with a little help from Daddy. I can't wait until spring and summer when we can go down there more!

Who knew learning to throw rocks could be so intense?

Conner throwing his first rock in the creek.

Tanner had to find the biggest rocks possible. I wonder who showed him that?

I Love all my boys, BIG & small!

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Lea Whittaker said...

This is a cute post....looks like a lot of fun. Caden absolutely loves to collect rocks at Ome's cabin