Saturday, January 3, 2009

Mighty to Save

Last Sunday we went to Aunt Shelley's church where she leads the music. They sang "Mighty to Save" a song we sing a church sometimes. Shelley did a few hand motions that Tanner picked up on. I found him singing in the play room today. One day he is going to be a STAR!

(excuse the mess, it is the play room. and excuse the video skills, Tanner has to see the screen so I had no idea what was being videoed.)

There is another video on YouTube search TannerD


Anonymous said...

That's too cute. I showed emily and she said "i need a microphone like tanners" She keeps making me play it over and over.
Niki B

Lea Whittaker said...

This is soooo stinkin cute!! I wish I could catch Caden singing on video. He also has to watch himself everytime we pull out the camera. I am glad you had a good trip up here. Love all your posts

Jessica said...

That is sooo cute! Looks like yall had a great Christmas!

Katheryn said...

Hi Cari! That video is so cute! He is definitely going to be a star one day. Honestly I didn't even know you had kids. That's what I get for moving away, I never know what's going on with everyone back home. How is your mom? I will be forever grateful to her for teaching me how to tie a bow and how to arrange flowers :) I look forward to reading more of your blog and seeing what's going on with your family!