Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Santa was Good to Us

especially to YaYa and Earl.

He brought them a new boat.

The day after Christmas they left to pick it up in Fort Lauderdale. They had to bring it all the way around Florida and up the west coast. They did get to spend 4 days in the Keys. I felt so bad for them being on that boat in the Keys. :) Too bad we couldn't all go.

The new Cari Lynd is very nice and has some nice features, like an ice maker in the fish box and satellite tv!!!

We went to Carabelle and picked them up on Jan. 2. They were very happy to be off the boat after 8 hours of straight driving in the rough seas.
While we were at the dock we got to watch the sunset. It was beautiful and reminded me that God is good all the time!

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