Friday, July 24, 2009

Zoo World

Wednesday morning, I asked Tanner, "What do you want to do today? Go to the zoo, or the park, or maybe to Gulf World?" He said "I want to go to the zoo!" So after eating breakfast, cleaning and getting dressed it was around lunch time. I said, "let's go to McDonald's and to the park" Tanner said "NO, we are going to the ZOO". So we went to ZooWorld in Panama City.

Tanner got to ride a pony, all by himself.

The tiger was YaYa's favorite. Conner could really see all the animals and was amazed.

This was at one of the three shows that we saw while we were there. They were really good too. One was on wolves and we got to take a picture with the wolf. One was on birds and the birds did all kind of tricks and the last one we saw was with reptiles, small animals and a lemur. We also got to take our picture with the lemur, Juliann.

Tanner crawling in the tunnel to see the merkats.

The camel was too grumpy to touch.

Tanner fed all the animals at the petting zoo. I think is has his tongue out just like to goat.

Conner was scared of the horse, because it sneezed really loud once and got us all snotty.

The playground was really fun, but not too big so we could play and go.

Maybe Conner wants a little of that goat food too.
I am really glad that we went. It was alot of fun and we really saw alot of animals and it didn't cost too much. I am sure that we will be visiting ZooWorld again soon.

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