Friday, July 10, 2009

July 4th Fun

For the week of the 4th we went to Destin and stayed in "Princess Daisy's Castle" as Tanner calls it, or Emerald Grande for the normal folks in the world.
We had a great time!!!!! We went to the beach on the ferry every morning and spent most of the rest of the time at the pool.

Conner had fun in the dishwasher & the kitchen cabinets.

The boys had fun playing at Destin Commons.
The fountain by the pool was beautiful.

We wore the kids out. They both fell asleep by the pool, but of course not at the same time.

We saw fireworks 2 times and they were "Awesome"!

A lady came with animals and they boys were really interested.

I love Nates face with the bird on his head.

The pool was great all the kids loved it.

We had such a great time!

Thanks YaYa and Earl!!!

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