Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Am I Crazy?

Maybe, but I don't think taking Tanner, Nate & Conner to the fair is crazy. It's not like I was alone, well Jeff was with me, but then we met Brent, Michelle and Rylee. So there was plenty of help. There are lots of other reasons to call me crazy, like telling them that the mean people would steal them if they got too far away from us, or giving them chicken on a stick, kettle corn and cotton candy for supper, or letting my 3 year old ride the swings (those are really scary to me). And I'm sure everyone is thinking of more reasons that I am crazy, but just keep those to yourself.

Anyway, we took all the boys to the fair yesterday. They had a blast! Tanner rode everything, he wanted to ride the dragon thing that swings back a forth. (Thank God he was too small!) Nate was a little more hesitant. I said he is just like his Daddy. He wouldn't ride anything that looked unsteady or could possibly get out of control. He is the slowest walker, but he can sure run fast. He had the best time on the dinosaurs, "the pink ones and the green ones". Nate said "Hop-Hop cain't ride he's just a baby." They all really liked feeding the animals. Thanks to Brent & Myshell for bringing Susie's rabbit food (may she rest in peace). Nate grabbed one of the cows horns and said "It's a buck" How country can you be? Rylee and Jeff rode the big rides with Tanner standing with me crying because he wanted to ride too. And what would the fair be without seeing the 8 legged spider Lady. We had a BLAST!


Anonymous said...

Not crazy at all--just making memories! I am really enjoying being able to keep up with your family through this blog site. Are we to call the new baby Hop Hop? KB

Myshell said...

We had so much fun!!! Thanks to Jeff for riding the bigger rides with Rylee. And for "trying" to explain the spider lady. It was fun, the kettle korn was worth the trip and the farm animals sure got fed that night. HAHA!!!