Monday, November 17, 2008

That's Mamoo's Kin Folks

Everyone has those people in their family that they don't want to claim. Mamoo has one in particular...but we won't name any names. These ARE Mamoo's kin folks but we claim all of them.

The Shuler (Larkins, Rankin, Roberts, Read, Carpenter, Savoy, Doughty, McSpaddin)Family gathered together Sunday at the river. We ate & ate & ate & ate, roasted marshmallows, had hot chocolate, and some just enjoyed the quietness. Karli and Cody enjoyed their first raw oysters. Cody liked them but Benjie made him stop after 2. Tanner rekindled his friendship with Wes. After many attempts by the FL rednecks, Brian, the GA city boy showed up and started the fire. Thanks Brian! Nate caught a bass that was immediately cleaned, fried and eaten. You catch It! You eat It!. Myers Ann and Tammy have a new found love for John Boy and Billy (Earl's secret sauce on sausage). Thanks YaYa and Earl we had a great time!


Nicholas said...

cool site

Kay B said...

Lea linked me to your Blog and I have really enjoyed being able to keep up with your family.
Hop Hop???? Did Tanner come up with the name?