Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Not a Baby Anymore

Tanner started his first class yesterday. He went to gymnastics. I know some people are thinking "Oh my, he is going to be sissy" but my brother and I did gymnastics growing up and I don't think my brother is sissy at all. (except for when he dressed up as mickey mouse). I really wasn't sure how he would act, because he has never been in a class besides Sunday School or Kidz Church and there has always been someone he knew very well teaching (me, Michelle, or Sarah). Just like a big boy he went right in there and sat on his animal square and started doing everything the teacher told him to do. I could not believe it. He didn't even look back to see if I was still there, it kind of made me sad. I was so proud of him though. He did floor, bar, balance beam, rings, trampoline, & parallel bars. I was very impressed with his hand stands and donkey kicks. (maybe i will video him next week) He did a little extra jumping around, but all in all he was great!

Sorry the pictures are dark

Hop Hop got a floor gym yesterday too. I think he likes it, but I really not sure. He doesn't cry when I put him under it, but then again he doesn't cry to much anyway. I put it on the floor in the living room and I think he likes watching the t.v.

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