Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I've been wanting to create a blog for a while, so here it goes. Hope you all enjoy!


Our pumkins (really Jeff's pumpkins), but we all had fun pulling out the guts

We went trick or treating on the hayride again this year. Hop Hop the cow got his first treats at YaYa's and Tanner tried to eat all the candy before we got to the next house. He really like the suckers. We only went to 3 or 4 houses then to the church fall festival. Tanner found a new "best friend thing" (Emily) Rylee Bo Peep found a Cow. Black Man Nate & Cowboy Tanner said "dat was fun!"

Happy Halloween!


Jessica said...

I'm glad you finally joined the blogging world with the rest of us! Great pictures!

Lea Whittaker said...

Why is it that they always choose the suckers....what about the chocolate for mom and dad? Blake was in heaven as long as he had a sucker. Your boys are too cute!

Myshell said...

Loving the pics...and the blog. I know I don't have time for doing one but I started on a while a few pics.